Life Size Mounting Video $13.95 dvd

Life Size Mounting Video $13.95  dvd
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How to Mount Life Sized Animals 3 Hrs 20 MinutesThis video will work for all Life Sized Mounts (coyotes, bears, cats, fox, squirrels etc.) This video is 3 hrs 20 minutes long. We use a Montana Mountain Lion to show you every step needed to mount a Life Sized animal. Shows everthing including, skinning the animal, perparing the hide for tanning ( does not show tanning as we suggest using a professional tan for all life sized mounts. ) Than all the steps for perparing the form, attaching the hide to the form, sewings, hide preparation, setting the ears, eyes, nose and painting. This video will show you everthing you need to do a life sized mounts. The only difference between animals is some are smaller and some are bigger than a montain lion